Bold Touring Exhibition

Bold is a fictional touring gallery that would celebrate famous typographers from around Europe at several relevant locales. This project was produced as a competition entry.

Each location would feature changes to a standardised set of promotional material. I concentrated on the first port of call, which would be the abandoned Strand underground station in London where an exhibition on Edward Johnston would take place.

This 16 page booklet explains about the exhibition’s London location, the other typographers/locales and general information about Bold. It was intended as a giveaway to entice people to attend and learn about type. The two colour design would reduce printing cost and allow for other parts of the tour to perhaps each feature a different colour as a consistent design element.

The Bold website introduces a visitor to the concept behind the exhibitions and would update depending on the current phase of the tour. It would load to a Flash animation showing the Bold logo, leading to a splash screen showing the latest phase, featured typographer and location of the tour. Afterwards the home page would be displayed. I developed a working HTML mock-up of the site, minus the Flash opening, which is sadly now offline.

These continued the theme and some of the graphic elements from the booklet, with the same two colour design.